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August 14, 2009

Korean Oxtail Soup (Gori Gomtang)

Oxtail Soup is a dish that makes a lot of my Korean friends' eyes light up when mentioned. They go craaaaazy over it -- and for good reason. The incredibly tender, fall-off-the-bones meat make it a satisfying meal. And the flavorful broth swirling with bits of soft daikon and crisp green onion really is simplicity in its best form.

We eat this with white rice, which when dunked in the brothy goodness, soaks up the flavors of the soup wonderfully. It's also delicious with a "refreshing" side of hot peppers dipped in a fiery red pepper paste, which contrasts the delicate soup perfectly. And of course, no (real) Korean meal is complete without the infamous kimchi :P

Unfortunately, I don't have a recipe to share for this post. AC usually cooks with his taste buds, and I completely forgot to document everything down when he was making this! Next time, however, I promise -- pen and paper will be in hand...


  1. Mmm. Looks tasty. I tried cooking with oxtail for the first time a few months ago and it was just as you described -- flavorful and tender.

  2. What are those leaves on the plate with the peppers? And do you just eat the peppers straight up?

  3. Yup, we dip the peppers in the red sauce and eat 'em straight up :D The leaves kind of act like nori (dried seaweed)...where it's wrapped around mouthfuls of rice for a more flavorful taste. I love it -- thanks for asking, ktj!

  4. This looks good as crap, I have to try it! Glad to see you love food too, You have to try Mussels in white wine sauce some time. use a recipe that doesn't use tomatos and one that uses shallots! It's great, It taste great and gives you a buzz too!


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