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September 16, 2009

Sachi, the Dog

The other day, my friend asked why we don't have any pictures of Sachi on this blog. I really couldn't think of a reason, so here are a couple of photos of our dog in her "element."

The first picture is sooooo typical of her. Like I said before, she's totally a cat. You can find her lounging around our apartment soaking up the sun like this, oh.....90% of the time.

The second picture cracks me up -- she is never this alert and attentive unless she's begging for food (of course). And believe me, she's absolutely relentless when it comes to this!

Recipe for this cuteness (and insanity)? 100% shiba inu with some love thrown in ;)


  1. Awwwww!!! In the first picture, she looks just like my kitties! What an absolutely adorable dog. Her fur looks so soft. Thank you for posting pictures of her!

  2. What a great looking dog you have there! You've also reminded us that we don't have a picture of our dog on our blog either - I need to upload one to share with everyone.


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