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November 11, 2009

Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad w/ Walnuts and Pecorino

Oh, brussels sprouts -- like everyone else, I love to hate you ;). Only, sometimes you surprise me...and taste really, really good.

Like when you're roasted with bacon, balsamic vinaigrette, and walnuts -- you're pretty tasty. Or even with just a sprinkle of salt, pepper, olive oil and rosemary, I can do you. But not raw. Never.

I don't know what got into me -- but I saw this raw brussels spouts salad recipe, and thought it was totally ingenious. It promised an unbelievably delicate slaw from the thinly sliced brussels sprouts, and a bright and refreshing flavor from the citrus dressing. I've never had brussels sprouts this way, and was so excited to try it out.

Well, I really should have known better....because if brussels sprouts are only "doable" doctored up, how can they ever taste better raw?? While the simplicity of the salad's other ingredients worked well together (olive oil, fresh lemon juice, grated pecorino romano, toasted walnuts), the bitterness of the brussels sprouts still managed to permeate their way through each mouthful. We were a little disappointed. However, this may be the perfect salad for people who already looooove brussels sprouts. It just wasn't for us.

It does make for a pretty presentation though, doesn't it? :P

Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with Fresh Walnuts and Pecorino
Adapted from Gourmet, October 2005

1 lb Brussels sprouts, any discolored leaves discarded and stems left intact
1 cup walnuts (3 1/2 oz), lightly toasted
2 tablespoons finely grated Pecorino Romano, or to taste
1/4 cup olive oil
3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

Holding each Brussels sprout by stem end, cut into very thin slices using slicer. Toss in a bowl to separate layers.

Lightly crush walnuts with your hands and add to Brussels sprouts along with cheese, oil, and lemon juice, then toss to combine. Season with pepper.


  1. Raw brussel sprouts? You're brave to try that! I don't like the bitterness even when they are cooked, so I don't think I'd like them raw. Still, you deserve an award for trying this! You are braver than me.

  2. Omg, I love this salad! But then I like cabbagey slaws a lot :) I always add a LOT more cheese and a LOT more citrus. Like the juice of an entire lemon and half an orange, and like 1/2 a cup of Pecorino. Haha come to think of it, that might be why the brussels sprout taste doesn't bother me as much...

  3. The trick to brussel sprouts is you have to ROAST them. Or carmelize them. We grew up in the same household never eating brussel sprouts and they're by *far* by favorite vegetable now -- you just have to do them right.


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