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September 07, 2010

Terrorized Steak + Camping

There's camping...and then there's camping -- where more than half your car is loaded with food, and every meal/snack/treat is meticulously planned out to negate any possibility of starving. What, it's the GREAT OUTDOORS!! No grocery stores, food stands, restaurants, or convenience stores. You better believe we're gonna come prepared :P

We've been camping before, but we brought out the big guns this time. I'm talking homemade chili, tuna salad, coffee cake, ingredients for smores (OD'ed on them every night!), cheese, cold cuts, wine (a camping essential), fresh produce, ramen, 18 rabbit bars (best things EVER), chips/cookies and of course, this glorious meat: terrorized steak.

Terrorized is such an interesting word to describe/name a steak, but I swear -- it has its valid reasons. An excessive amount of garlic, spicy red chili flakes, and fresh herbs in the wet rub "terrorize" the meat with flavor. And after marinading overnight, the steaks are then "terrorized" a second time over high heat for a nice, smoky char. The real secret to the recipe's success, however, comes next: once the steaks are almost done, you remove them from the heat for about 15 minutes to allow the juices to evenly distribute throughout the meat. Put them back on the grill for 1-2 more minutes, and you have this wonderfully flavorful steak that is both crusty on the outside and juicy on the inside.

We were hoping that the aroma of steaks would attract more bears to our campsite. But I guess one sighting was enough for the trip ;)

Terrorized Steak
Recipe adapted from Rose Pistola

1/2 C fresh rosemary leaves, chopped
1/4 C chopped fresh marjoram
1/4 C garlic cloves, finely chopped
1/6 C dried red pepper flakes
1 t salt
1/8 C ground black pepper
3/4 C olive oil
4 New York steaks

Combine rosemary, marjoram, garlic, dried red pepper flakes, salt, and black pepper in a medium bowl. Stir in olive oil. Place steaks in a ziplock bag, and pour in marinade. Turn steaks over several times to ensure that they are well coated. Marinade in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours or overnight.

Prepare grill or broiler. Rub off excess marinade from steaks. Cook about 3-4 minutes on each side for medium rare. Transfer to a platter and let sit for about 15 minutes. Return steaks to grill and finish cooking, about 1-2 more minutes on each side.


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