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February 05, 2010

New Places

We've been really enjoying our new Rockridge home -- especially the kitchen!

It's so funny because we are only 10 miles away from downtown SF, yet it feels like a totally different world. Like at night, we hear...crickets. After living in a huge high-rise on one of the busier corners in SF, this is waaaay foreign to us. We're used to the constant noise of passing traffic, shrieks from (loud and drunken) people walking by, car alarms going off, or the bass of our neighbor's frequent late night parties. But quietness and the chirping of birds? Though a welcome change, it has taking some getting used to! And our neighbors -- since when do people actually welcome you to the neighborhood? Or even converse with their neighbors?? Anyway, we've already started to explore our new little neighborhood and are delighted to have discovered:

Bakesale Betty - there's always a huge line that wraps around the block, but their fried chicken sandwiches are sooooo worth it.
Manpuku - really cheap and fast Japanese food. We got ramen and sushi; both were YUM.
Zachary's Pizza - I think this is just as good (if not better) than the deep dish pizza that we got in Chicago, but AC doesn't think so. Either way, two thumbs up.
Casserole House - AC was literally beaming the entire night. Nothing gets him in a better mood than good, quality Korean food.
Ohgane - another Korean restaurant (fantastic bbq!) that makes AC happy.

We also want to try nearby A Cote and Pizzaiolo and Oriental BBQ Chicken Town and Wood Tavern and Yuyu ZaZang and -- oh, what was that? We should be cooking?? ...darn :)


  1. Your new place looks amazing!! Can't wait to see it in person! - cathy

  2. Thanks for posting pictures! How does Sachi like her new view? I love the tile backsplash over your stove and there's so much more counterspace than our old place! I'm coming over for dinner the next time I'm in town :)

  3. yes!! can't wait to have visitors :)

  4. what an adorable place you guys moved into!! i can just see the endless days and nights of you two cooking in that kitchen. btw, i like your yellow dutch oven :)

  5. I didn't know you moved! Your place looks nice! I love rockridge area! Have you been to Sura (Korean restaurant?) You should go if you haven't...I think it's slightly better than Ohgane.

    ANd Bakesale betty is totally on my list to try!! All your food looks soooo freakin good and gourmet! But they look hard to make! Wah!!


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