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January 31, 2010

Moving, Stuff

This is what our life has been looking like lately:

It's actually been surprisingly therapeutic -- cleansing, almost.

Did you know that I had 32 pairs of shoes "stealthily" (as AC put it) hidden away in my closet?? I'm slightly appalled. But at least I had to sort through all of them for the move...I was able to downsize to 29! ;) And who has 3 half-used bottles of cumin in their spice cabinet? And 2 boxes of cornstarch? Yup, apparently us. But those have all been consolidated as well.

Off to more purging and boxes. See you on the other side!

Edit: I talked to my friend, and she said 30 pairs of shoes is normal. Especially if that count includes flip flops. So there.


  1. that's one of my favorites from your engagement pics!! glad moving went (is still going?) well. can't wait to see pictures of the new place!


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